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CUSTOM Bicycle Pannier

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Cool Bike Baskets | Bicycle Pannier

PLEASE NOTE:  our current shipping arrangements do not allow for accommodating the appropriate box to our panniers to ship out.  PLEASE BE AWARE that the estimated shipping shown at checkout is likely NOT what you will be charged.

Are you biking around town?  Need some cargo space to haul your stuff?  Cool Bike Baskets panniers are what the rear rack on your bike is looking for.

We build our panniers stout with metal brackets and wooden bases.  PLUS they easily convert to a shopper basket with our webbing shoulder straps.

Approximate dimensions:  11" X 8" X 12"

Check out those metal brackets to hang on the rear rack of your rig.  Our brackets are bolted onto the wooden base and woven into the back of the bike basket.  This makes our bike panniers  SUPER stout.  Thing about library books and groceries by bike. HEAVY stuff that can cause a bike basket to blow out.  These are the reasons that we came up with the bracketed base.  End of the problem of big, heavy, bulky loads and bumps in the road.  

PLEASE NOTE:  3 week time frame for shipping.