WHAT?! No Farmers Markets for Cool Bike Baskets

Cool Bike Baskets

We just received some sad news from both of our markets:  Wednesdays at Coeur d'Alene and Saturdays at Sandpoint.  The Wednesday market in CDA has closed all together until word from the governor that the shelter in place order has been lifted.  Sandpoint has decided to keep the Saturday market open but only for farmers with NO crafters allowed (non-essential) until possibly further along in the summer.  

We may not be out and about but WE'RE STILL HERE. 

We know your out there biking and REALLY need a bike basket but until further notice we are an online business only until something changes with the current status of COVID-19.  

WATCH for some really awesome SALES!

Starting tomorrow watch for some really awesome sales to begin.  Even though we're not downtown we're still with you!  Please stay with us through this difficult time as all small business owners struggle to find ways to stay afloat.